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About Us

Worldwide, people are searching for simple solutions to hold back water. Flood Barrier America provides high quality practical flood resilience, stormwater, and, water proofing products, services and solutions. We have generated an international network of affiliates that includes excellent and keystone mitigation companies, individuals and institutions by research and collaboration with affiliates and partners that protect against the growing global problem of flooding.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Flood Barrier America is the leading provider of flood prevention solutions, offering the widest variety of flood barriers, temporary structures, engineering, and contracting services to protect residential and commercial properties from the disruption and destruction of flooding.


Flood Preparedness requires a wide array of considerations, resources, products and services.  

Flood Barrier America offers the full spectrum of know-how, experience, services and preparedness products including Flood Barriers. Acting as a hub, FBA provides materials and services that create a complete solution for flood prevention at any given location.


Offering a full range from engineered risk assessments, plans and protocols for all sites, providing all the materials and services to fulfill same. FBA offers not only preparedness, but, environmental cleanup, restoration, and post loss analysis of responses and actions on site. Our services also include emergency or temporary deployment.  Currently deployed across North America, FBA's solutions have helped saved millions of dollars in loss from natural and man-made disasters.